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12:32 PM 2006.02.12
Please don't be horrified by this page if you are looking for an example of my web design/programming skills.

This is my personal site, and I haven't changed its format in several years. It's still table-based even though I am now working with table-free CSS layouts.

Don't worry, your site will look MUCH better. This is just my playground!

(ps: this was a pretty cool layout, 3-column with spanned header, curved gfx for top/bottom, swanky animated GIF rollover menu, fancy-but-mostly-useless java-based navigation cube in the top-right)

7:51 PM 2003.08.29
Got some pictures of lightning, but out of 109 snaps I got two decent shots. Anyone else happy for digital? I know I am
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More stuff on the spankin' new Photo page

Font isnt much better right now, but it looks ok. Still needs to shrink though...

12:03 AM 2003.05.02
I just realized today that this is really ugly, i'm gonna have to change the fonts at least if not the entire layout.

11:09 PM 2003.01.28
New version of MapPoint Distribution Optimizer released, v2 fixes a LOT of stuff that was wrong with v1

1:01 AM 2003.01.28
Liquid cooling updated

10:17 PM 2003.01.07
"We were on a ship that would, at some time, go somewhere, to do something, for someone."
Stu Russell, U.S.S. Pueblo

I thought I had a pretty decent edjumukashin, but I've never even heard of this before. Some guys got jacked 16 miles off the coast of N. Korea and became guests of said DPR for eleven months.

What's worse, I work with one of these guys. Never knew. I knew he was "in the service", but that could be army, navy, air force, whatever.

That SOB has a Navy Commendation Medal, a POW Medal and a Purple Heart.


The first of (hopefully) many Solutions has been posted. Today's featured gadget is an Excel Add-in for Microsoft MapPoint 2002 that will find the nearest distribution center for an entire map of locations.

Let me know what you think of it, or what I can do to make it more useful!

Posted weather links, with Intellicast radar images and forecast

Here's my liquid cooled pc, a fun (and expensive!) experiment in engineering, with fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, building, modifying and generally tricking out my computer. It'll be fun, take a look!

Bastard Operator From Hell excuse generator

I agree with this site. I'd nail any of them in a flash, especially Harley Quinn

Data Compression stuff, as with links, mostly useful only for moi

The best quote i've heard in a long time: Jason Jones of Bungie Studios
"Halo 2 is a lot like Halo 1, only it's Halo 1 on fire, going 130 miles per hour through a hospital zone, being chased by helicopters and ninjas... And the ninjas are all on fire, too."

The Disgruntled Housewife is a website. Just go there.

blatantly stolen from clanbob...
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MegaTokyo web comic

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