Virus Scan
There are three areas I really need to cool:
  • 1. CPU
  • 2. GPU
  • 3. Northbridge
I plan to cool ALL THREE plus hard drives, memory, maybe even power supply with a mineral oil bath, circulated with a 7gpm pump and cooled with a mini-fridge that I still use for my caffeinated beverages of choice (currently Mountain Dew)

Shopping List:
Total cost so far: about $300
21"x96" Angle, aluminum$7.49
2Goop, marine4.97
318"x24"x0.236" Acrylic sheet9.98
1Mini-fridge from Target39.99
11/4" square rod, aluminum3.76
8Super-G mineral oil0
1450GPH 12VDC pump from PumpWorld34.99
manyVarious and sundry pipes, fittings, etc. that have yet to be usedabout $100
a fewElectrical connectors and suppliesabout $10
about 50Beverages consumed and/or stockedabout $50
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